I DID IT! 🦩🏅 I am SO goal oriented, but only when I actually set a goal...sometimes the intentions are there but it's not until I have a tangible goal that I'll be motivated. Signing up for the 88 km virtual race challenge with World Virtual Race really motivated me to get my kms in. Over the last 30 days I completed 88 kms and now I'm wearing my medal with pride. (Might I add, I was Very impressed by the Quality and detail of the medal by World Virtual Race) I was surprised by just how excited and motivated I was to work towards this goal. If you're looking for a challenge to get moving, I definitely recommend checking out World Virtual Race #wvrworldvirtualrace 🤩Kristenjunne 🇨🇦

Sabine and Sonja from Austria/ Carinthia🇦🇹❤️🇦🇹 #austria



Yes we did! 🦄🥇🇦🇹❤️ 🦄The Once Upon a Time In Wonderland 34miles/55km Unicorn Challenge is the perfect challenge to motivate anyone to get up and start moving! 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄 Over the last 30 days we completed 55 km and now Sonja and i wear the medal with pride. So we are excited for the next challenge! Sonja, you are beautiful ❤️and motivated👌 for the next medal. 🏆🥇 The next World Virtual Race Challenge started🌍austria🌎austria🌏 #wvrworldvirtualrace Sabine and Sonja from Austria/ Carinthia🇦🇹❤️🇦🇹 #austria

Adrian Cometti



World Virtual Race A Golden team, A magnificent medal. The challenge of completing 3x11 km race Covered 33km travelling through Switzerland. For the first race i ran 11km in 1h03 in Orbe, for the second 11km race in 59min in Coppet and for the last 11km in 1hr in Gland. A very beautiful adventure. Thank you so much World Virtual Race for this great experience. #wvrworldvirtualrace Adrien Cometti


South Korea


‎Today, I prepared the 88km Flamingo Symphony ‎Medal Challenge🙆🏻 ♀️ the longest distance in a single run ‎I received the most fascinating commemorative medal I've ever shipped from abroad😁 I'm surprised by the size😁 the quality is very good and the design is so good! ‎ haha I'm going to apply for a 100-mile medal😆 @wvrworldvirtualrace there are a lot of medals here.