about world virtual race challenge


1. Register & Join WVR

Choose any distance-based cardio. Walk, run, cycle, swim, hike - Indoor/Outdoor anything you can track. Go alone or with friends and watch the miles add up! Log your miles and earn awesome rewards.

2. Record & Upload Your Workout Activities

Screenshot all your activities & email us at: wvr@worldvirtualrace.com or wvrworldvirtualrace@gmx.com. Receive E - Finisher Certificate, Finisher's Medal ship out immediately!

3. Track Your Shipments

World Virtual Race entrust The new DHL Express Mobile app lets you track your shipments and manage your tracking all in one place. . Download DHL Express Mobile app today! Delivery time of 1-6 business days with (DHL Express for International Country only).

3. Receive Your Finisher's Medal

We'd love to hear from you get in touch with us! tag us in social media post or drop us a message with your story and picture of you and wvr medal. We hope to see you soon in the next challenge. Thank you very much!